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Hi All GA Opelers!!!
Now we have our own forum area!!!
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Hey Thom -
What's the chili cook-off like as far as attendance? Would we be looking at chaos for a meet with the regular park traffic as well? Bet we wouldn't be able to park all our Opels together. Sigh.
Or Gene - were you looking for more of an evening event, drinks, dinner, etc? Meeting somewhere after that as well or different altogether... ?
It would be hard to guess on the Chilli-cook off as St. Mtn used to be a State park, but, has been turned over to private industry. I have not been over there since this changeover to see what attendance at the park is like. I really was thinking more of an evening thing, as you put it, dinner and drinks. But, that's just me. We need opinions as to who and what members want.
Well, maybe we could do just that if people don't think they'd be too pooped. Those that want to, go to the cook-off and then have a get-together later somewhere.
Any opinions? Date problems? Other suggestions?
Your looking at HOURS to get into the park while the cookoff is at full swing. Attendance in in the thousands. Something like 20,000 +

NOT a good place for a meet.
Well, let's hear it from more of GA/SC/AL people. You really have to get there early to get decent places to park. But, we need more input here.
It is definatley a "Get there early or kick yourself" situation.

I get there at 8:00 the day before just to set up, otherwise I hate myself from other people encroaching on my space, no place to park at my booth, all the electrical outlets are taken, etc...

But it is FUN!!!!!!!
Gene's right, we need more input. It's looking like that's not a good idea. (Except for those of us who will brave the crowd purely on our own.)
Well, it's bad enough that Thom is actually in the event, as he doesn't have the sense to "come in out of the rain" LOL!!! :D :D Anyway, let's hear it people, what do we want to do?
I am for a PM meeting with food etc. The Stone Mountain cook-off will not be a good place, but ok for just going on your on to support & vote for our opel cook :eek: HTH guyopel
Yeah, Don't forget, we got 3rd place for Brunswick stew out of 119 entrants
Just bumping this back up front. I think we're all in agreement that meeting at St. Mtn. is out, but, anyone and everyone is invited to cheer Thom on. But, what about dinner that night? Oct. 1st? Is this good with everyone so far?
Not me, by the end of the day on Sat Ive had 48 hours of partying and Im ready to get out of there and go home and take a shower. Besides, it is usually around 7:00PM on Sat when I get out of there and I have to fly to Orlando the next day.
Ok, what about the next weekend or two? Oct 8th or 15th?
Opel meeting

Gene both of the dates are o.k. with the 8th the best :cool:
8th: Yes
15th: No
Our car club has a show on the 15th in Villa Rica, GA (all are invited, see www.goldencitycruisers.com) The 8th will be ok with me.

I just thought this was a funny picture of myself... My hair has grown back now. By the way, Goldberg is the one in the back. ha/ha


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Well, Oct 8th is starting to look good, how about Ging, Thom, Sharon & Oliver, Paulie, speak up... :)
Hey Gene,
8th. sounds good here. Does it normally cool off around here by then???
BQS4 said:
Well, Oct 8th is starting to look good, how about Ging, Thom, Sharon & Oliver, Paulie, speak up... :)
Let me check with the scheduling committy (wife). I am alwas surprised on what is scheduled from weekend to weekend! I think there is nothing going on.
Burst said:
Hey Gene,
8th. sounds good here. Does it normally cool off around here by then???

There's a saying here in Atlanta, "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute, it'll change" Normally it does cool off, but, I have worn short-sleeve shirts on Thanksgiving from time to time. :D
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