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Hi All GA Opelers!!!
Now we have our own forum area!!!
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We have no real preferences here. Open to try anything all you can agree on.
Gene, actually there's a third Pappadeaux. Up here off 400. Only reason we even heard or knew what you were talking about. I looked it up after we drove by it one day. Suggestions from Ging about being outdoors sounds good also, but whatever fits, we'll wear it. Time and place totally open to us.
Note to Baz:
Last time I had been in Atlanta prior to moving here was in '89 also. It's GROWN quite a bit since then. You're not in broadcasting are you? Only reason I ask as I was here then for the Natl. Assoc. Broadcasters convention. Last one that was held outside of it's now permanent home of Las Vegas.
Being outside, we have to consider the weather, which looks to be decent tomorrow.
At least not hot. Are most outdoor areas covered around here as we've seen in our outings? Quite a few in CA were not as "it never rains in California".
Except for the 5 months starting soon out there in NorCal anyway.
That's why we have the OMC meet in SoCal, anything over double digits in total rainfall is considered unusual. :D
Ok Guys and Gals;
How's the Texas Roadhouse sound? I have attached a map. Looks real easy, either you're on I-75 North or South, get off at Barrett Pkwy and go east past Town Center and I-575 and it's at the first intersection. Going north or south on I-575 and head east on the Barrett Pkwy, first intersection. Now what time?


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Maybe 6:30 or so? That would give Sharon some time and possibly, maybe, hopefully give the first dinner rush a pass - then again it's Saturday so ... . Any later might be a problem for Gene as he's got quite a drive to make and I'm assuming a babysitter to think about.
I might not be able to be there. Planned to come over with a friend, visitor from Germany, Opel-nut like me, but there is so much else to do today...

Oh bummer Dieter. Sure hope it turns out to be a 'slower' day and you can make it.
Is everyone else still in? Getting down to the wire and haven't heard from everybody.
The time really is no matter to me, Dieter has to come further than I do. But, I was just considering the wait time for that hour, but, we can call ahead and see if they'll take "call aheads" Is everyone agreed on 6-6:30?
Ging and all;
We're coming. Is 6:30 OK by all?? I'm on line here on Mapquest plotting the route. Dial up and graphic intensive maps make for SLOW going. I'm trying to figure out how to get over there without going down to 285. Not a very Atlanta thing to do is it? Looks like 15 mile drive through Cobb county suburbia for us. Interesting save about 1.5 miles not taking the freeway, and add 1 minute travel time on backroad route. No wonder everybody is on the freeway here.
Need to expand my backroad knowledge!
Hi guys, just got back, thanks for the call Gene. Me and Oliver will be there, along with my visiting out of town buddy Janice, who used to have a Manta too that her brother swiped and modified and wrecked -- but that's a story for another day.

Well, even though it was a small group, nine people, we all had a great time just eating and chatting. We met at the "Texas Roadhouse" in Marrietta. Kinda loud, as they have the servers do line dancing in the restuarant, but, the food was great and the company even better. We went outside to allow the smokers in the group to burn a couple and ended up talking 2 hours!:eek:
One patron commented on her way out, that she and her husband went in, waited 20 minutes to be seated, ate, and left and we were still there talking.:D Attending were Sharon Rich, Oliver Siebert, Sharon's friend, me and my wife, Ging and Dan (aka Mr. Ging) Brian and John Lewis. John explained and showed us about his alternator conversion using the 105 amp GM alt as opposed to the 63 amp conversion, and other general chit-chat, mostly about Opels, but, a great time was enjoyed by all and we're planning another outing, besides the one when Gary comes to town. So, the rest of y'all GA Opelers stay tuned!!!
I am sorry I could not make it. I have the Novermber date down and will try to make it then. Who knows I may have a GT with me. :)
5 opels in dalton

I tried to send a message to runningman about the 5 opels in dalton but the server would not connect. Can anyone put me in touch with Marty. Thanks, John Clayton at 770-428-4002 home or 404-431-4671 cell.
Marty sold them to someone,for her son to restore. She sent me an email asking me if I was still interested in them to contact her. I have the email at home and I will let you know when I get home.
somebody better e mail me about these opels. hey guy whoever you are, the one that bought all 5 opels from me. you better get in touch with me . because the two mantas. are about to be hauled off.:eek:
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