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Is it me, or ????

Gary, apparently I'm doing something wrong here, because I still can't get any of my pics to load. My pics are resized to within the limits, but I've tried uploading to both galleries with no luck. I still get the exceeded file limit error in the members gallery, and when I try to use the new "temp" upload gallery, it pops up a new box with three error messages and the last one says it's a fatal error. That's all I can get to come up. I saw Stanley's new pics in the gallery (Exceptional GT, by the way), so I thought I'd try mine again. Sorry to be such a pain in $#%, Gary. It's not like the group is missing much, but I'd at least like to show all the helpful people in here what all the questions I keep asking are actually for. :D Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,
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