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Gas Tank

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Hello Folks! This is my first post here. I just purchased a 1970 GT which had been sitting in a garage for 20 years. The body is in fairly good shape with minimal rust. It runs if you pour gas directly into the carb. I finally got the gas tank pulled today and of course it is full of sludge. I bought the gas tank cleaning kit from Eastwood Co and plan on getting the tank cleaned this weekend. Now to my problem. While trying to get the fuel line disconnected from the bottom of the tank, the line broke. What do I use to run the short distance from the tank to the fuel line under? Is there a place to go to buy the short piece or will I need to fabricate something new? If so, any recommendations?

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I had the same problem with my car. Take your piece of tubing and your compression nut to your local auto parts store (as a reference). All you'll need is a piece of tubing, a compression fitting and a new nut or you may have to use the old one. Ask the shop to bend a 90 degree angle for you on the new tube and your off and running..........


As an alternative, OGTS has the compression fitting (including the correct size nut) and the tubing. They give you copper tubing instead of the standard galvaized(not exactly sure what material actually) First I tried the Auto Parts Store route my self, but had a devil of a time trying to bend the galvanized into the correct shape without it buckling. Probably due to my own lack of experience, but after absolutely botching 3 or 4 feet of tubing, I decided to go with OGTS's copper solution. Bends MUCH easier and no kinks. I honestly don't know if there are any practical reasons not to use the copper instead...but maybe that's a question for some of our local experts.
Thanks for the info. I wasn't crazy about using rubber gas lines when it is exposed. Now I only have a couple of minor things to get it running......like the brakes, wiring, timing, etc. Maybe I will be able to drive it by Christmas. :D
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