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I just purchased a complete gasket set for my gt. It is all there and comes with front and rear crank seals. It is a Fel-Pro kit. Part # is FS21182PT The big chain stores like Napa or CarQuest will tell you they can not get them. I got the kit from a small hole in the wall part store. The price was $87.73

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The Fel-Pro FS21182PT gasket set is for the late 72 - 75 Opel
1.9 engines with the 2 extra bolts that go into the timing cover.
(12 bolt head) These engines also only have 2 bolts that hold
the thermostat housing onto the side of the head.

The Fel-Pro FS21139PT gasket set is for the earlier 69-72 Opel
with the 10 bolt head. These engines have 3 bolts that hold
the thermostat housing onto the side of the head.
I believe these head gaskets also have an extra piece attached
where the timing cover meets up under it due to it being slightly
lower than the head itself.

Other than these few differences the rest of the gaskets are
the same.

BTW- Advance Auto Parts sell both of these & since these
gaskets are still being made by Fel-Pro, any auto parts store
should be able to order them if you give them the part #s.
Most of the gaskets in the set are also available individually.

Tom C
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