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Opel G.T.'S of Washington: 13th annual "Gathering Of Opels."

Saturday, July 19th, 2003. 11:00 A.M til 5:00 P.M.

New location: Brick Yard Bar and Grill, 5602 S. Washington Street. Tacoma, Washington.

Registration fee $6.00 per Opel. All Opel models welcome...... Come Join us for a great time. Over hundreds of dollars in Door Prizes. Rain or shine, we will be there.

"Opel G.T. Source" and "Opels Unlimited" both of California will be present for answering questions about Opels and ordering Opel parts.

You are welcome to also join us in our "Swap Meet." Bring Opel Parts for sale, trade or give away.

"A Gathering Of Opels" promises to be a really good time this year. New location with great food,drinks.... Opels and folks from Canada to California will be joining us.

Call JOHN at 253-581-5372 for further information. And please free in making donations to add to our door prizes. Hope to see you and your Opels there.
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