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Germany shipping quotes

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I saw a while back a thread that mentions shipping cost for an engine to be between $160 and $260 or so.
Could anyone provide me with contact information. I need to ship an engine and a roof to TX.
Thanks! :confused:
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Hoo Boy....Open your wallet. I just went through shipping a 2.4 from Germany to PA.
Much of the cost depends on how much handling you have in Germany. If the engine is complete, it will have to be crated, so there's cost involved there. You'll also have to have a broker help you get it through customs (more fees). It's better to send an engine over in parts, and make sure you repeatedly tell the shippers that it is engine PARTS, not a complete and running engine...otherwise you will have to deal with EPA issues and you don't want to go there. Make sure the seller empties all fluids from the engine or else you'll run the risk of fines for undisclosed hazardous materials.
Trust me, the shipping world has changed since 911, and when you add to that the dwindling dollar against the Euro, it can quickly skyrocket your costs in getting heavy parts like engines sent here (though that part is a little after the French triggered a plunge in the Euro today). I went through the process because I came across a good deal on a 2.4, and I was lucky in that my employer had an office near the seller and was able to handle much of the details for me. I came out better overall than if I had gone through our domestic sources, but much of that is simply due to the fact that the parts didn't have to ship to CA before being shipped BACK to PA.
Everything about my transaction was a pain in the butt, and I had it about as easy as it gets I suppose. I even had a professional translator friend helping me communicate the whole time.
The company that handled my shipping and customs was Lynden...I chose them only due to convenience since they handle international shipments for my employer. By the time I got my 2.4 here, it was nearly $1K. Some of that was paying for crating and handling in Germany, some of it was shipping it to my door once in the US, some of it was customs fees, etc. My shipment was particularly heavy since I had the entire fuel injection system, the starter, alternator, flywheel, etc....about as heavy as you can get for a complete engine.
I would recommend you research all your costs before you take the plunge, and ask at each step if there are any ways to save money.
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