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Germany shipping quotes

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I saw a while back a thread that mentions shipping cost for an engine to be between $160 and $260 or so.
Could anyone provide me with contact information. I need to ship an engine and a roof to TX.
Thanks! :confused:
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Go Local

Make sure that the seller can/will properly prepare the items for shipment. ie: palleted and wrapped in heavy duty cling plastic with ALL the fluids removed.
Then get a weight and the dimensions of the entire palleted item and approach several of your local freight forwarders - such a L.E.P International (had real good service from them..) 0r DHL. Or anyone else you can find. Get Quotes.
By using a local office you pay the freight AFTER the pallet arrives and are dealing with a local office if any "jumping up and down" is required.
I know that both L.E.P and DHL can also orginise palleting and pick up in Germany if required - for a price, of course.
Otherwise the seller can pallet and deliver to their nearest German agency -and just walk away without paying any freight as you will be doing that at your local office.
That is how International freighting works - even better if you can "cut a deal" throughthe freight company your work uses or any other local contacts... ;)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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