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Getrag Swap

Hey I've been gone a while..........

OK. The Getrag has an output shaft that has the same spline as the Opel GT's automatic, so to install a 5-speed in your GT you'll need to find a donor automatic GT drive shaft. To make the shaft fit with the longer 5-speed, it will need to be shortened and rewelded, so that has to go to a professional shop to be done. The Getrag also has a different shift lever setup. The mechanism that holds/positions the shifter has to be shortened and have some brackets welded to it. The transmission itself seems to fit nicely and once everything's in place, it looks like it should have been there the first time you looked under the car. You can attempt this yourself, but this would require a bit more skill than the average owner has. I am going to install one in my GT in a few months. I have decided to get it as a complete kit that comes from Germany where this 5-speed setup came from. I will install the kit myself because I have the tools and the experience required. I know of a few different sources for a complete kit, but won't post them here. If you would like to discuss this further, just post here and I'll respond as soon as possible.

1 - 1 of 146 Posts
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