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On the 265 Getrag, It has different input splines, removable bell houseing, & is longer. Correct??? Will this also fit into the GT as easily as the 240 Getrag. Will the shifter assembly(ball end) from a BMW getrag work on either of these opel Getrags? I know they would need modified just as the others do.

I have a complete OGTS Getrag set-up already for my GT
But I have access to a 265 Getrag that is missing the bellhousing and shifter assembly. Is it worth trying to find the parts to make it fit the GT or to use a 240 instead? I read a Ford 2.8 clutch could be used(same splines as 265) after machining the flywheel. Also a 70's Capri bellhousing w/ mods. Any info on this or what would be needed to put into a GT?

Tom C.
1 - 2 of 146 Posts
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