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Getrag Clutch

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Went and looked at a Getrag 240 today. The clutch for this transmission is hydraulically acutated.

In all my searching of this forum, I've yet to see a reference to a hydraulic clutch. Am I not looking in the right places?

Guys at BMW aftermarket shop were at a loss.

So my question(s):

The Getrag 5 speed, model 240, do they all require hydraulic clutch actuation? Or is there a mechanical clutch 'model' available. These guys want to help me out but need more specific model information i.e, model 242, or some other specific BMW - and I would like to help them help me. Just had to pass on a $200 serviceable 5 speed because of the hydraulics. Or is this an issue of import vs. export 5 speed?

HELP. Long-haired E9 has given me a green light for a 5 speed and I need to move on it before she changes her mind as she's already focused on Xmas.
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I just got two getrags shipped here from Europe. One from Germany ($228) and Belgium ($268 these are just the shipping costs via DHL, the germany was then shipped out to CA via UPS for an additional $42. Check the German Ebay for a getrag

Why don't you pop by the house, over the weekend, and I can take you step by step through it all. I don't have my 2nd 5-spd mounted yet, so you can see what one looks like. Give me a buzz 404-797-2759 (M) 678-344-7579 (H)
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