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Getrag Clutch

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Went and looked at a Getrag 240 today. The clutch for this transmission is hydraulically acutated.

In all my searching of this forum, I've yet to see a reference to a hydraulic clutch. Am I not looking in the right places?

Guys at BMW aftermarket shop were at a loss.

So my question(s):

The Getrag 5 speed, model 240, do they all require hydraulic clutch actuation? Or is there a mechanical clutch 'model' available. These guys want to help me out but need more specific model information i.e, model 242, or some other specific BMW - and I would like to help them help me. Just had to pass on a $200 serviceable 5 speed because of the hydraulics. Or is this an issue of import vs. export 5 speed?

HELP. Long-haired E9 has given me a green light for a 5 speed and I need to move on it before she changes her mind as she's already focused on Xmas.
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The case for the Opel Getrag 240 and the BMW Getrag are different. Internals are supposedly the same. You need to make sure the bellhousing pattern is the same as the Opel.
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