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I was on Ebay the other day and ran across this http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2425553745&category=27384

It's only at 31 british pounds right now (app. 50 bucks) I emailed the guy and he said he could get it to the states somewhere between 130-230 lbs. (probably around 250-350).

I want it, but can't afford it right now due to other obligations.

Maybe by the time it was shipped it would be overpriced. I don't know as I haven't priced a five speed for the GT yet. All I know is a good 915 for my 911 runs app. $1500 bucks.

It is 1:00 AM Mountian time right now and it ends in app. five hours. Maybe one of you Opelers on the east coast can catch it.

Good luck.

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I don't think this will work in any of our cars unless someone has converted to an engine in the 1.8L OHC family, or atleast one that shares the same bellhousing bolt pattern. Most of us need the tranny from a 2.0L CIH, two completely different animals.

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