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In disassembling my engine/tranny, one of my friends took charge of disconnecting the electrical wires all by the alternator and such.

Of course, he's not here to help anymore.

But now I have three wires, and I don't know where they go.

One is orange, attached to the side of the block. It's very short, and I simply cannot find anywhere to attach it. I assume it's a ground...but for what, I don't know.

Then there is a small black wire coming off the alternator. This doesn't seem to have anywhere to connect to, either.

The third comes out of a wiring harness, which seems to connect to the coil in some parts, and the harness itself runs into the firewall.

Hopefully this picture helps. I'm sooo very close to having this thing running (first time I've ever taken out and put in an engine/transmission), but I'm hitting this snag. Thanks in advance!


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Ok Jim,
The 1 on the block hooks upto the alt at the nut closest to the engine block. the top(just off set to pass side) of alt has another nut there are 2 wires attached there 0ne from the wire harnes the other comes off the back of alt (think its called the rectifier) and goes to the nut on top of alt also. Hope this helped!

Good Luck,
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