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I just obtained my first Opel - this 1900 “Sport Coupe” (aka Manta). I bought it from a gentleman that had owned if for over 22 years and he said he has had over twenty five Mantas over the years. It needs some help from being in long term storage but is really solid and I haven’t been able to find any corrosion on it. It’s a forty footer, the paint isn’t very nice and has cracks all over. For what it’s worth it has a Rallye badge on the trunk. There are a number of unfortunate personal modifications on the car, although some I can understand such as the 14” BMW bottle cap wheels and others that are a matter of taste not to my liking. The interior is very functional but not stock, it has homemade vinyl door panels and Chevy S-10 front seats. The engine is unmodified except for a wacky electronic ignition system. And issues with the gauges. I’ll be checking it out more.
I know everyone likes pictures... and I know it's not a '72 dash cover...
I had inquired about this Manta with Mr. Lane. He told me that he had put a 1974 dash into it. The good news is the dash pad from OGTS is designed for the 74-75 dashes with the extra vent openings. I put a 74 dash in my 72 Ascona (it has less cracks than the original one). I'm thinking about putting tweeters into the extra openings.

He also told me that the engine had a "solid lifter cam" in it. If true, that is definitely not "unmodified"!

My Ascona came with an MSD ignition setup which I believe is similar to the Mallory one in yours. The ignition module apparently doesn't send the proper signal to activate the stock Opel tach. That's probably the same issue that you're seeing with your tach. MSD wanted over $100 for a plug-in adapter to convert the signal to something that the Opel tach recognizes. I ordered this one from ebay and received it yesterday.

tach signal booster

I'll let you know if it works for mine. It may work for yours too. You can contact the seller and ask him.

Where are you located?
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