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Grass roots motorsports to profile an Opel GT in Aug.

I needed something to cheer me up after day three of losing the battle of distributor recurve. Lost the solder twice and now trying a mixture of solder and superglue, that seems to be holding but not getting any spark to the plugs…. Day 4 looms.. Should I of closed the breaker plate in position with the vacuum advance wide open or all the way closed…and which is which.... or does it mater as long as the plate doesn’t move? Oh well….

Anyway here is a quote from GRMS. ...(starting after august isse on the quote). Plus The championship cheater… err 2003 challenge is in… "yup I traded my stock window cranks for a full blown, turbo, ported, polished, blueprinted, motor plus $400 dollars for which I got a sets of 11 inch formula one wheels and tires made for my miata and got $259 in change back….. that's right 19 people put 2000 man hours in my car and it only cost $2002.98 total..... trust me all my ex wives did..."

Plus Item #7 which should warm a few hearts….

August Issue
The contests for the August issue of GRM have been slightly revised:
- $2003 Challenge
- $2003 Challenge spotter's guide
- Acura TSX track drive
- Subaru rally prep
- "Silver Bullet" CRX road racer
- BimmerHaus DSP E36 BMW
- #7#7#7!!!!!!!profile: OPEL GT!!!!!
- Track test new Hankooks and Yokohamas
- Electromotive TEC-II vs TEC3
- Protege turbocharging
- Project MINI Cooper S

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