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GT available..Las Vegas

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I live in Las Vegas and someone called me (saw my car when it was out being painted) and claims to have a 73 GT in good condition... however the engine is out of it due to being re-gasketed(?) ..........I think...he was hard to understand. He wants $1000 for it.

Anyhow, if anyone in this area thinks they need a GT and is maybe interested I can go take some pictures.....I don' t think its too far from me.

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Another GT cool. Mike, where is it? I would like to see the pictures. I took my GT out today and had a blast. Still needs some work to drive regularly maybe get it ready next payday. Too bad I do not have an extra $1000 lying around But is the guy in a hurry to sell? There may still be a way to be a 2 GT owner. :D
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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