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GT available..Las Vegas

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I live in Las Vegas and someone called me (saw my car when it was out being painted) and claims to have a 73 GT in good condition... however the engine is out of it due to being re-gasketed(?) ..........I think...he was hard to understand. He wants $1000 for it.

Anyhow, if anyone in this area thinks they need a GT and is maybe interested I can go take some pictures.....I don' t think its too far from me.

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I would like to see pictures too :(
I don't have a GT right now but I have the money and someone to pick it up and pay the guy cash. Has he listed it anywhere local or on-line? When he said he had the engine out for gaskets was he having the work done? Does he intend to reinstall the engine or has he given up on working on it and just trying to make a quick sale? Are their other problems with it thats caused him to change his mind about the car?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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