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oldroadiedog said:
Yep, I had the bumpers, thought maybe thay were worn, replaced them and still have rubbing. I'll consider grinding off a 1/4" of the door top.
I would only consider grinding as a last resort. If the lower part of the door aligns correctly. (Even with the body and the seam is even all around) Try lowering the window and bending the top window frame out slightly. You can use a wooden wedge at the top where it is hitting and push on the door to bend the top of the frame out. Also watch out if the hitting was not caused by rust in the rocker area causing the car to sag.

My '73 GT had a 1/2" gap at the top from a combination of a loose hinge and someone moving the car by pushing on the door. Set the hinge and bent the top back and it aligns now.

George - Try getting it roughly aligned by slightly tightening the hinge-to-body bolts and getting it roughly aligned (in, out). Then do the same with the hinge-to-door bolts (up, down). It's not an easy task due to the weight of the doors.

A good tip is to scribe a line around the hinge mounting before removing the door. Anyone else have ideas/tips for door alignment?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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