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While some of you may disagree and claim this is not possible, I should probably change my user name to '2manyopels'!

I simply want to see this car go to a good home and not sit longingly for a restoration that is overdue.

It is a 1970, w/1.9 manual tranny, mileage unknown. Check 'for sale' ads for images, and contact me for further details.

I will tell you the worst, as it would never be my intention to mislead or misconstrue someone's notion of the present condition of this car.

The car was driven to it's present location, and has sat for the last 10 years while other of life's events took place. It has the usual problems, ie., cracked dash, torn seats, some evidence of damage in the nose, but oddly - other areas of typical concern are not too bad.

It is located approximately 45 miles south of Indianapolis in Nashville, Indiana. I would NOT drive the car in current condition, for the reasons noted in the ad.

Another member of this board was gracious enough to offer his time to view this vehicle 3 weeks ago, and I can put you in contact with him by sending me a PM. Asking price is $950 OBO. Thanks!
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