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A V8 inna GT?

While it's possible - I wouldn't do it.

GT's are famous for rusting and rotting. The only way I'd consider a partial (where you fab up subframes and tie the whole mess together is if I started with a pristine GT. If you post that you're about to cut up a pristine piece - a lot of folks here will get upset.

The prob with a rusty one is EVERYTHING, including frame box sections is susceptible to rust. A rusty stocker can get 'loose' - jack up the corner of your car and see if the doors still close! Mix in some HP, and you're sure to twist the crap outta the body.

About the only way I'd even consider doing a V8 GT swappie is to fab up a complete rolling chassis with the requisite stiffness, cut away the substructure of the GT, and drop it on.

To be honest with you, it's probably easier to build a car from scratch Keep in mind these two things:

a) When the car was originally built, it was designed for 60 HP. Us 'Mericans got the big motor at nearly 90 HP. When you solve for power/weight, a GT flat flies with 240 HP. You can get this HP with a MUUCH smaller motor these days.

b) The front-mid config of a GT means the soles of your feet are even with the 2/3 cylinder wall. A V8 takes up a LOT more width in this area - MAJOR surgery is required to make it 'fit'.

Do take care. I did similar swappies as a kid with Pintos, Vegas and Monzas. If it's not set up right, it's a mess. A better choice would be to start with a Manta or Ascona and gain some experience with the swap before attempting the mother of all swappies.
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