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GT Gas Caps

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Great to hear from another Canadian on this site. Like John (JPIPER) I'm from Ottawa, with lots of work ahead rebuilding my 71 GT, mostly welding over cut out cancer spots. I just rec'd a bunch of needed parts from Gill at GTSource. Hope to have some semblance of a GT come spring.

Does anyone have a spare gas cap?

Regards Graham.
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GT Gas Cap

Supply and demand, Graham. A good locking gas cap with a key is going to be expensive. Here's an idea, however: I have a locking cap which I've never had the key to--it's locked onto a fuel filler neck, like it's been for about 10 years now. It's possible that there's a competent locksmith up there that could make a key for it, or re-key it to match your ignition switch and doors. Let me know if this would be something you'd want to check out, I'll send a pic. Hope the alt bracket worked well for you.
Gas Cap

I believe that non-locking gas caps are pretty "garden variety". Years ago, I bought an aftermarket cap for one of my GT's from our local Canadian Tire. It is just a non-vented cap with the appropriate lugs. If not, here is an ebay non-locking cap for a Manta/1900 (Ascona to the unwashed) that probably fits the GT, since I doubt that Opel had different filler neck designs.


And here is non-locking one that fits a Kadett, and also an Audi 5000, so chances again that you will find an aftermarket cap.


If you can find a aftermarket cap to fit, chances are you can also find a locking aftermarket cap as well.

As for factory locking caps, they aften pop up on ebay. Prices have ranged from $185 (a recent NOS cap still in th ebox) to $20 to $75 for used locking caps without a key, and $75 to $100 for caps with a key. All prices are $USD, before shipping, so be prepared for some sticker shock! Here are some examples of expired auctions:





Don't fret if the one you buy doesn't have a key. For some reason, Opel used a different key for the cap than the door/ignition lock. The key blank is the same (at least for post-'70 GT's), and there are instructions on the classicopels site to re-key the cap to use your ignition key. I did it years ago, without the instructions, and it isn't very hard. And MUCH more convenient to have one key for all the locks.

And to keep this thread "on-topic", it will re-locate itself to a more appropriate heading in 5 seconds.
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Because I'm lazy, and cheap...

If all else fails, just use the oil filler cap fron the valve cover. It pops right on and appears to even use the same gasket. Almost everyone has a spare one of those.
Mark's gas cap


I'm interested in your gas cap , send me a photo.

Another GT Gas Cap Option . . .

OK, the gas cap/filler neck picture is on it's way, and I'll send you a pic of yet another cap you might be able to use--this one is another original GT locking cap, very nice chrome, but the lock has been drilled out by a P.O. It's too bad that people do this kind of destructive stuff, but the right locksmith, or a talented amateur, might be able to make it work. As a THIRD option, I have a few cheesy aftermarket caps that I'll send you for shipping (we're really scraping the bottom of the barrel, now), but they just don't look *right* on the car, IMO. BTW, for those who were wondering what happened to those chrome rims I had up for bid on eBay--about 400 of you, it seems--one of them sustained some minor damage the other night, and the set will be relisted after the rim is professionally repaired.
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