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It was a perfect day today and we took the 73 GT to her first outing today. Despite a short in the right side lights, she looked great. Had a good time and met 2 more opelers. One lives in town and is a state senator (talked about driving his GT on his honeymoon, so maybe not all bad) and one is from K.C. MO.
The one in town has 2 GT's, one 1.9 with a/c, auto., and one 1.1 his father bought new. He's excited now about working on them and checking out this site. (note web site pimping on info board)
The one in KC MO has 3 but only one runs he uses to go to work on good days as he doesn't want to spread the rust he already has. (was showing an incredible 32 coupe that took second place)
Had a lot of people stop and talk and tell stories of Opels they've known or ask "what is that?" Didn't win anything, heard some comments about "Jap crap in a car show", (freakin' blind idiots) but overall had a blast.
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