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Hi all,

I was rotating my tires and I noticed that my lower control arm on the driver side of the car was broken....yikes. I have a NOS control arm but I'm not sure that it will work. It looks the same but it has an extra bracket welded to it for either a shock or sway bar. The part number is 352089. I couldn't find that number in any of my parts books. Does anyone know if that part numbers will work on a 72 GT? Can control arms for other kadett models be used on the GT?



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Lower Control Arms

The #352089 Arm is a Right Hand one for 68-70 Kadett and 71-72 Models 31-36-39 (2 & 4 Door Sedan and 2 Door Wagon).

Note that it is a Right Hand side one - the Arms are "handed" and must be used on the side they are designed for.

69-73 ALL GT use #35094 RH and #35071 LH Lower Control Arms

That being said you now know what the NOS Arm you have is a part for and which side it goes on.

As to if it will fit your GT the answer is a qualified "I don't know" as it will bolt on but the steering geometry will have to be checked and set up correctly for the GT as laid out in the Factory Service Manual. Carefully check that the major dimenssions before proceeding and hope that some one more knowledgable can be definative.

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73 GT Lower Control Arm

Hi 73Manta72GT,

I had a 73 Manta Ralley when I was in high school and loved it!

Now I have a 73 GT and it has the exact same built-in bracket as yours and only on the drivers side.

It is for the factory anti-sway bar and I understand there was a number of the 73's coming into the US that got parts like this from the European parts bin.
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