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find a silver GT to graft that into. Interesting. Although the Supra front definatly sticks out as much more modern then the rest of the car. Obviously you've seen Lenk tunings stuff. They did a good job with there versions not to go too far.

I think an cool idea would be to get rid of the two front vent slots and put a large NACA duct above the OPEL BLITZ logo. Like on a Dodge Viper.

I have an extra hood I'm going to play with this winter and get into fiberglassing a little. I always thought some well placed NACA ducts (small) on the hood blister would look cool if done right. It'd be perfect for a cold air, sealed induction setup. If it turns out bad I'll always have my stock hood. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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