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GT Ran great, then timing appears Off

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Here's one for the group.

Last Thursday I took my GT for a drive and it ran great. The place I needed to go was about 20 minutes away, so I thought it would be a great drive to burn out some carbon on the highway.

I was in my meeting for about an hour, maybe an hour and a half.

When I came out to start my GT, it wouldn't start. I had to jump start it and the timing seemed way off. The Tach was showing 7,000 to pegged rpm. A lot of back firing and coughing.

My GT has a 1.9 bored to a 2.0 ltr. E.F.I. off a European 2.0 ltr. Crane electronic ignition.

Again, everything seemed great on the way down. Now it seems like it has slipped a cog on the timing chain or the ignition is firing way off.

Any help would be great.

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I checked the distributor right off to see if it was loose or turned and nothing seems out of the ordinary.

The distributor is snug and the cap is snug in place and the roter is fine.
Wire harness possibilities


Thanks for the suggestions.

This is the wierdest gremlin I've chased through these cars.

Another question:

Does anybody know where to get a new wire harness for a 72 GT? I know there is the company in Germany that does the complete rebuild of an existing harness (using your old connectors), but I was wondering an here State side?

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