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How does one get the bolts loose to get the seat tracks off the seat. My 11mm sockets won't fit down in there between the rails. Are there 11 mm sockets that fit in there or do I need to cut off the ends of the rails to get at those bolts???

Suggestions appreciated.

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Find some one that has a lathe and turn the outside of the socket smaller - or even grind it down.
Replace the bolts with allen head capscrews - preferably stainless steel ones, so they don't rust and get stuck again.
If you hack into the seat rails they will be changed for ever - they are still making plenty of 11mm sockets!

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home made tool

when I took my seats out, two weeks ago for carpet replacement. I went out and bought a cheap 30 cent 11mm socket and i had a whole a crap load of allen wrenches. so i put the wrench in the whole on the back and hammered a small nail into the open space left. i fit under there perfect. It worked for me:D . Note: dont use the expensive tools like craftsman.:D .
good luck
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