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Hey folks!

I went to check out a GT that's for sale near me. Nice car, nice seller, seemed like a good price. However, I won't be buying this particular car. There's just a little too much rust that needs to be done sooner than I can reasonably expect to be able to do it. I hope someone cool does, though!

My test drive, however, led me to a couple of questions (it was my first time driving one).

1) I couldn't get the drivers seat up quite far enough to drive comfortably. It looked like it was right up against the middle ridge-thing (the bump between the seats). Is that normal? If so, is there a way to extend the pedals so that I can reach them more easily?

2) Is there a picture somewhere that shows how the battery is supposed to be situated in the engine compartment?

3) How far can rust be "allowed" to go before you need to weld? What shows on the outside of the car?

I think that's it, at least for now. I'm sorry that these are silly, but it's hard to compare when there aren't very many of these babies around here!

Thank you...

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hi when i first got my gt it had 2" x 1/4" brackets on the seat subframe to move the seat 3" forward they looked like a long "L" and the short leg sat on the carpet [i was going topass up the car when i test drove it as i thought i was to tall for it]

the battery is in the very front on a small tray infront of the radiator and there are lots of pics in the gallery section

all rust needs to be sorted as soon as poss as the metal is there for a good reason
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