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Haha mine won’t run in the morning without a little of the choke circuit. My DCOE is very very picky until it reaches operating temperature.
I’m not saying that my car starts like a modern-day car. It idles a little rough for the first couple of minutes.
As soon as it starts I back it out of the garage and leave it idling while I close the garage door. Occasionally It stalls while I’m closing the door and I will have to restart the car when I return. This is a once a day event. After the engine is warm it will start with just a bump of the ignition switch.

My other GT has a Weber downdraft and a water choke. To be honest it is every bit as problematic. It starts great in cold weather but not well in warmer weather. It also suffers from the infamous problem of gas boiling in the float bowl.

I consider these to be minor inconveniences. I don’t regret leaving the cable off my DCOE’s.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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