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GT Steering Rack re-assembly

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GT Steering Rack re assembly

Hi guys, its been a while, but the sun is just starting to make an appearance over here in the UK and Spring will be arriving shortly, so I want to get the old girl up and running.

I have only one thing to fix before the MOT, and that was to replace the steering rack. So last Saturday, I removed it, cleaned up the used replacement and then proceeded to remove the rubber boots from my old one and transfer them to the replacement unit. I also removed the pinion gear to fit a new seal and now I have a dilema.

I did not make a note of the position of the pinion gear as I removed it from the rack, put it down on the bench and then it hit me. If I don't fit it exactley back the way it came out, when I refit, the steering wheel will be on the piss and the only way to sort this is to remove the steering wheel and re align.

Is there any way I can avoid doing this.....or are there some guides or marks on the rack to set up the default alignment?

Cheers in advance
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put the steering wheel in the centre position and note the position of the flat that goes into the pinion where the bolt goes in
then on the rack mesh the pinion to the center tooth on the rack so that when in place the bolt will match the flat on the column
and roberts your fathers brother :D
baz said:
and roberts your fathers brother :D
Please explain for this ol' Reb please :D

All Americans aren't Yanks you know.

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That's it? Maybe it is true what they say about me. :eek:

so its guess it then, assuming there are about 6 splines on the pinion gear it will be quite easy to get it wrong
tarquin said:
so its guess it then, assuming there are about 6 splines on the pinion gear it will be quite easy to get it wrong
thats why i said to align the steering wheel to give you a ref point
as the pinion only goes on 1 way :D

and harold sorry to confuse you :D
Then again, there are ONLY 6 splines so its easy to get it right. Am I right in thinking that the centre tooth on the rack looks different, seem to remember this from years ago.
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