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It was a very HOT Montana July Saturday evening, temp in the low 90's, the Navy Blue Angels were performing overhead, and we had three out of town guest competitors.
The track was greasy, our recent suspension modifications were working during practice laps (more rear roll oversteer, stiffer right rear spring, less crossweight) so the push was gone and it could get loose if you wanted it to. Timed in fourth fastest, took fourth in the A Trophy Dash, fourth in the A Heat. Everybody was a bit on the loose side, opinions concurred the track would cool off when the sun went down so we did not make any changes other than a little less right rear tire pressure to decrease stagger.
We were the Main Event, last race of the evening, were angle parked in front of the grandstands for introductions and we all threw frisbees into the crowd for the kids. Next thing I knew I was strapped in and coming around for the green flag.
I went very well at first! I got around all the cars that were slower than me, the fast cars took longer than usual to get around me, there were a few dandy crashes and cautions, I got some nice "donuts" on the passenger door when I got around a Toyota in turn two. Then my car was getting looser, had to save it a couple times and then I spun out. Damn. Was able to get right back on, no caution, and came back up to sixth. Another crash with twelve laps to go caused a red light, it took a while for two wreckers to remove three twisted Fords. When racing resumed I just held on the best I could, I could get under the Mustang in front of me but couldn't get around him.
Oh well. Sixth place is better than crashed, right? It was a frustrating race for me, I don't like loose! Spinning out sucks, too! Fifty laps was a long way to go for this rookie who is just learning how to survive twenty five...
After the race a fellow came and checked out Speedway GT, says he has THREE Opel GTs, one a runner and two parts cars, says I can help myself to anything I need on one of them. Cool!! That now makes ten GTs I am aware of hereabouts, four that run (including mine).
Thanks to all at gt.com for the support and help! We couldn't do it without you... :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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