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gt woodlook stearing wheel

dear gt fans
my previous thread about dash repair seems to be
a good item to think about,hopefully a solution is on the way!
however a other problem?
what about a original woodlook steering wheel?
anybode ha s one on his attick??or garage??
all steeringwheels seem to have cracks
gt message from belgium

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GT "wood" steering wheel pt2

Just to let whoever know, I have looked into this from the aspect of having a custom wood worker redo the GT steering wheel in actual wood. As this can actually be done, you would be better off going the repair route, such as to fill the cracks and try to similate the grain yourself, or as a few of us have done, cover it with leather (Wheelskins) The guy I talked to fancies himself far better than "Norm Abrams", and he wanted $400 or better to do it. Just passing on the info.

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Check around on the internet for repair places. I found one just the other day that specializes in this stuff. When I find the link I'll put it on. If you want aftermarket check out the Grant steering wheels. They seem to have the best selection and they are very reasonable.:)

o.k. the one I looked at is
here is another one

www.dealsonwheels.com/parts/garys/ http://www.qualityrestorations.com

Or if you want to, I used Yahoo and type this in "steering wheel restoration" You'll get a bunch of hits. Hope this helps.:D
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