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GT-Leaded or Unleaded??

I have a few questions for the GT gods in here. I have an all origional '70 GT with the 1.9L and 4 speed. My first question is regarding what type of fuel to run. I keep getting conflicting theories on whether or not it is safe to run unleaded gas with stock valve seats. I know that the older vehicles did not have hardened seats and eventually the unleaded gas would burn them out, but depending on who I ask, some say that they have run unleaded in their stock GT's for years with no damage to the seats, while others say it is the worst thing you could do to the little motors. :confused: Does anyone out there have a clear cut answer on this. I'd really hate to tear down such a good running motor just to replace the seats, but if it is going to burn them out anyway, then it may have to been done regardless. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.
Also, I had a question regarding the front brakes on the GT. I installed new pads and cleaned the cups and bores on the calipers, but when I use the brakes, the front brakes seem to want to stick and keep pressure on the rotors for a very long time and really never do seem to fully release the rotors causing the front wheels to have a lot of drag. I read on one of the posts about the front flexible lines collapsing on the inside and I was curious as to whether this sounds like something that could be causing my sticking brakes. Again, any information about this would be greatly appreciated. I apologize for this being such a lengthy post, but I wanted to pass along as much info as possible. Hopefully one of you seasoned GT veterans out there can shed some light on these problems.

Thanks in advance,
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