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Have you seen this GT?

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In the early '80's I bought my first GT It was a green '72. I did alot of restoration and modification. In the end it was 'vett yellow with a removable moon/sun roof and turbofan wheels. Any one seen or have this car?
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I bought mine from a college kid in 92 at SMSU in springfield MO. It was Yellow over green, and had a removable sun/moonroof in it. It is also a 72. Any other distingushing marks?
What are the odds ???

In suspense waiting .........
Time frame sounds right. Mine went to a guy in Memphis. As to marks, humm. Had a Sony radio, I think it was the right fender that had some bondo work. Got any photos? Oh, I had the seats re-covered, but have forgoten with what. What are the odds?

Wolf Spyder What are the odds?[/QUOTE said:
70,222 to ONE!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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