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i am putting my engine back together....it is an early 1900...no bolts into the timing cover. should i use any kind of sealer or silicone on the head gasket.....???? im thinking of using some where the timing cover and head meet but didnt know if i should between the block and the head.

any help appreciated.

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silicone sealer

Silicone sealer is the most ghastly stuff you can get into the inside of an engine. It blocks oil passages and gums up piston rings - so if you do use it then use small, carefully applied beads of it. A wee bit around the cam chain area can help make that area a bit more oil tight.

Fel-Pro gaskets have a small red bead of sealer in this area but nothing noticable around the cylinders. Incidently, a gasket with provision for the front holes can be used in your "no-holes" application. I think most of the ones I have seen have those two front holes in them anyway.

Just use that stuff very sparingly!

PS: try putting "Head Gasket" into the search engine too.
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