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I was wondering if someone could tell me how to rotate the lights to the closed position from the open position, when the cable has been disconnected (had to disconnect the cable because i found out, after 2 hours of trying to get a new lever on, that the cable has frozen up...also i have to rewire the lights so i shouldn´t have them on for the time being). When I try to pull the metal piece connected the 2 lights it moves about an inch or 2 then seems to be stopped by a bracket somewhere. I believe the bracket is somewhere under the driverside light but i can´t find where it is or how to get to it.

was reading the service manual and found something about a locking bracket behind a flap in the fendor, but when i opened it up i didn´t see anything special.

any help would be great

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Go to the download section in the main home page and download the headlight files. This is an excellent description of the GT headlights.

The headlights latch down in the open and closed position. You wil need to overcome this latching for the lights to rotate.
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