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BQS4 said:
First off Thom, Allen head screws are "6" sided, but, if you see what looks like an allen head, or rather "socket" head screw in there and you don't have a allen or "hex" key to fit it, then the socket is worn out and, pardon the pun, you're "screwed". Unless you want to take a dremel and cut through the plastic and cut a slot in the screw, to be able to use a screw driver, then you can come over to my place and get a replacement handle. Butttt, knowing you, you'll end up ripping the handle off, so, I'll just supply the whole assembly...roflmao!:D :D
I have the whole assembly also. Do you still have the 3pound sledge and the penetrating oil?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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