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What is the difference between Diamond criss cross headliners and tier pattern headliners ???? :confused: I have been looking at the headliners offered on ebay from Goliners.....anyone have any input on there product?

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Don't know the answer to your question.

But, this morning I was thinking I should replace my headliner. I did it five years ago and it was one of the most difficult jobs I've attempted. The results were so-so.

But now I'm considering gluing foam sheets to the underside of the roof, and using contact cement to upholster the foam. The added benefit would include sound insulation.

Any thoughts?

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I have considered the method you describe WestCoastGT but be certain to use closed cell, urethane foam or else every time you breath out another glob of moisture will be absorbed by the foam and the roof vents will begin to rot out.
Seriously, fitting a headliner is a warm weather job and even then a hair dryer needs to be used to shrink the vinyl into place and smooth it out.
It is less hastle to get a new headliner from OGTS (they know a bit about making things that fit GTs..) and then finding a professional upholsterer to fit it. Trying to fit it yourself can lead to heart-ache......
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