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My 74 manta needs a headliner, because of a few holes, and water stains, but I have a sunroof, and I can't get anyone to attempt to do it around here, exept for one guy that wanted $800. So, is there any advice on what I could do?

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you can get a new headliner at www.opelgtsource.com and i guess you could customize it work work with the sun roof. sometimes there are some headliners on ebay for about 60-70 bucks. you would have to customize them too..

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Try these two:
Acme Auto Headliner-Long Beach, CA 800-288-6078
Headliner Mart-San Jose, CA 408-978-5103
Both say they have headliners for Opels, you'll have to tell them what model you have and that you have a sunroof.
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