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As I mentioned in a previous thread, I just had the weber off of my GT. In the process of replacing the mounting studs and gaskets, I figured I would clean up the heat shield, which was pretty disgusting. I cleaned, primed, and painted it (aluminum engine paint).

Once I started to re-install it, I couldn't remember how it went in, so I started searching pictures here on the site. I discovered that the PO cut one of the corners off of the shield! It appears that he did this to clear the heater hose, but it really doesn't seem necessary.

Is there a reason to do this, or should I replace the shield with a whole one if I ever take the carb off again?


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andrew the shield is ok if it has a bit off it and i would only worry if you were going to do a concorce restoration
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Sven said:
after thinking what a heat shield could be.

the thin metal cover that goes over the exsaust mainfold?
do you really need this at all? seems like a pointless part to me.
Maybe this will clear things up . . . and, especially if you're using the stock joined intake/exhaust manifolds setup, DEFINITELY USE ONE!!

Look at ninth (Keith's) and last post (mine) in this thread.

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