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rear defog & clock fix

microswitches, fusible links, clocks, charging circuits, ignition switches, and rear defoggers - my favorite subjects and the bane of the boys from bosch. seem to recall reading somewhere that the rear defog "option" for GTs was like $29. in that case, you got JUST what you paid for - every service bulletin i read on rear defog was pretty bleak. even after trying to repair, i was only able to get one or two of the elements to heat. found that a small squirrel cage fan worked better. all gts came with the "squiggly line" switch for the rear defog. if you have the indicator light below the driver vent, your car was equipped. if glass doesn't have the heating elements, its been replaced and the wires may be just hanging around, waiting to make a short.
the small switch at the bottom of the console (with icon of light and slanted lines) is for driving/fog lights. i used this in conjunction with a relay (the switch can't/won't take full power) to wire up my hellas. worked great.
one of my greatest victories was to repair a clock.
if you'd like to learn my method, read on.

tools needed: jeweler's screwdriver set, emery board/cloth, compressed air, nail polish, toothpick, watch oil.
-use compressed air to blow away crud from back of clock
-CAREFULLY unscrew the attachment screws on back of clock. take care not to mess with the speed adjustment screw.
-use emery cloth/board to clean contacts in the flyaway points
-wet toothpick with watch oil and just touch to the needle bearings at each end of the reciprocating spring axle. don't overdo it or you'll ruin it.
-plug in to test. flyaway points should separate as soon as they encounter juice, which winds the spring and gets the reciprocating wheel moving. the clock will run for a few minutes until the points once again make contact. then the whole thing SHOULD start over again.

my clock worked for years after this.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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