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While wandering thru Checker the other day I noticed a 90 degree elbow for 5/8ths hose.....so I bought it to use on my heater hose where it meets the water pump. It looks better than the big curve (or smaller curve and kink) that I had there previously. The fact that the cars didnt come with an elbow makes me wonder if there is a reason......has anyone tried this UNsuccessfully?

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hi bosco
the short answer is cost and time
cost: for an elbow ,short bit of hose and two more worm clips
time: if you are on a production line then each thing you have to do is an time bit and the whole line is timed for the longest opp on the line its more time to put in an elbow than a hose (the elbow has to be aligned then tightend , a hose just pushes on then tightens) a place i worked at that made microwaves spent thousands of uk pounds (thats only half as many $$$'s he he to save 4 seconds on the spot weld line and it payed for itself in 2 years!!)
hope that helps:D
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