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Heater hose for DGAV

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I came across an interesting discovery today after I drove my gt and it was running aweful, hesitating and such. Since every other system seemed to be fine I assumed that it was not getting enough fuel for some reason so I was going to replace all of the fuel line with a larger size. Then with further inspection with the airfilter off I noticed that the choke was only partially open after the engine was definitely at operating temperature and the hoses going to the weber choke "actuating facilitator?" were just luke warm most likely because of the way that the hose is routed, which is very poorly. So basically what I want to do is (since my heater core isnt hooked up) run a hose from the thermostat heater outlet to one port of the choke housing and then one line out and then that goes to the water pump. Would there be any reason why this wouldn't work or will this flow too much coolant through the choke housing at a resticting rate that would have adverse effects? and would some cool hose adapter exist so I reduce down to the correct hose size from the heater hose size with out having like 10000 hose clamps?
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You could easily convert to an electric choke and eliminate the extra hoses and clamps.

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