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HELP ! Cooling system questions

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:confused: Can anybody help me? My 69 GT is making foam in the cooling system i have flushed system and even changed radiator.The p.o. removed thermostat could this cause my problem? I also do not have overflow tank is this a problem?. Driving today my temp. got to 200. This with an ambent temp of 85 -90.Is this o.k.? I know to many ? Just looking for any input thanks in advance for the help:)
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Sounds like you may have a bad head gasket allowing oil to mix with the coolant which gets beaten to a froth from the water pump. The cure is to pull the head and replace the gasket. Be sure to fully flush the cooling system to remove all traces of oil. Hopefully the head isn't cracked also. If it is you will be need a new (used) one as they are not repairable to my knowledge.
Good Luck!
be sure to change the little "O" ring when ever putting a head back on the block. it seels a water jacket between the head and timing chain cover. also, how does your oil look, that foamy too? if so stop driving it NOW. that means you have coolant or water of some sort in the crankcase and that will eat bearings faster than a fat kid eats cake.
Oil looks fine,I also did a pressure test and it showed no loss of pressure over a 30 minute time
I forgot to say when i changed radiator the coolant looked fine to.
Because the oil and coolant look fine try pulling the water pump and check to see if one of the "blades or fins" is broke or missing. This could cause the impeller to beat the coolant rather than pump it thru the system. This would explain the overheating problem also if the pump is not pumping like it should. Who knows, the impeller may be so badly worn that there is nothing left to move the coolant. Keep us posted and good luck!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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