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help for auto to std swappers

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help from auto to std swappers

my friend and I did the swap to std trans. '69 std trans into '73 auto and we have a few Qs
there are 4 wires attached to the shifter (auto), When you switch the trans what do you do with them (2 had blades 2 we cut 1 was black one was white w/brown stripe) where should they go???
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Does anybody have any idea? I'm sure somebody did the trans swap. Please help!!

There should be 2 wires going to the center console that are black with a red stripe. These wires both go to the starter, where one connects directly to the starter and the other to another black/red wire very near the starter. Disconnect both of these black/red wires and connect the wire formerly connected to one to the terminal on the starter the other was connected to.

No more neutral safety switch.

The other 2 wires are for the back-up switch. Connect them to the 2 terminals on the switch on the manual transmission.

-Back-up lights should now work.

Alternatly, if you wanted to add another security feature, you could leave the 2 wires for the neutral safety switch hooked-up and install a switch between them as a starter interlock. Hide the switch somewhere only you know about and no one will able to start your car but you.

You could also leave the one wire connected to the starter, and with a new ring lug, connect the other to the big post on the starter instead of the wire it currently connects to. Get a momentary switch, like a horn push button or the like, to connect between the two and you now have a new starter switch instead of the ignition switch to save wear on that hard to get part.
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Thanks for the reply.
I know about the "NSS" wires and did that.
Including the NSS there are 7 wires here

1) Black - went up behind the radio I cut this one!

2)white w/brown - went up behind the dash (near speedo) and I cut this one!

3) gray - looks like it went to the revs lights (it has a jumper on it ) or maby the brakes.

4)white - this one has a connector

5) white w/blk - this has connector

I wanted to know about the wires I cut "Black" and "white w brn"
any idea on these 2 ??
Thanks again:)
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