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Hi everyone, Ive been a frequent visitor of this site for almost a year now since I bought my 69 GT. This is my frist post though (Ive found answers to all my other questions in previous posts). Anyway after much rust work and prep time I am getting closer to painting. I would like to keep the car its origional color. From previous posts I realize the paint code should be on the body tag but my tag is a little different then others I have seen on this site. It does not state "Acrylic" or "Enamel" and the number is L75.1 JJ. I have not seen this number in any previous posts. See the attached pic ( I hope it works). Im leaning toward flame red but if anyone knows for sure I would greatly appreciate it.



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Been Searching!

Cannot find a listing for L751 JJ anywhere. I have 1969, 1971, 72 & 73 paint specs but am mising 1970 ......

The highest "L" code I can find is L530 MM Deep Burgundy

BTW L508 RR-JJ is Flame Red with Ditzler code 71890 for acrylic lacquer and 71891 for enamel

Also, since your car is Bochum, Germany production it is most likely enamel.

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All my books show the paint code being the letters. From there you can double check the color name and start with the paint chips that will give you the color codes based on the year and make for what you had. My 69 was that color and I buffed off the oxidation once. It looked like I slaughtered something in the front yard. That was in 78 and it was a bright red one.
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