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Help identifying paint color

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Hi everyone, Ive been a frequent visitor of this site for almost a year now since I bought my 69 GT. This is my frist post though (Ive found answers to all my other questions in previous posts). Anyway after much rust work and prep time I am getting closer to painting. I would like to keep the car its origional color. From previous posts I realize the paint code should be on the body tag but my tag is a little different then others I have seen on this site. It does not state "Acrylic" or "Enamel" and the number is L75.1 JJ. I have not seen this number in any previous posts. See the attached pic ( I hope it works). Im leaning toward flame red but if anyone knows for sure I would greatly appreciate it.



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Try looking at www.autocolorlibrary.com first for what is similar to what yours is.
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