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Help me kill a few bugs.

Well with the windshield finally in and a exhaust system now I went for a longer drive and a few things popped up.

1. First my wipers stop in the up position!!! How do I fix that?

2. I have tried three different fixtures and 3 different bulbs and I still can’t get the drivers side rear tail light to work, and I have checked the ground carefully and made sure that it is tight Everything else brakes, back-ups, blinkers etc. works fine.

3. I discover that you can’t drive very far without a fan the hard way. The reason that there is no fan is because I have a 2-pulley wheel on the crank and a stock water pump and no spacer as the 75-water pump with the longer shaft for AC died.

It was suggested to trim the fan but that won’t work, as it doesn’t leave enough blade to properly cool the radiator. I will try and make another spacer but my last two wobbled and excessive noise. Hopefully third time is the charm.

And the not so important stuff but

The book say use fuse number three for the radio but I am not getting any juice out of that. It runs fine off the clock but that is fine for the illumination wire but not the hot lead. Where or what hot wire should I tap into for the stereo and where is the stock place to ground a radio?

One speaker needs two wires to run the other just one!!!????? How can that be?

Oh does anyone no the correct positioning of a stock spoiler on a manta. Is the side of the spoiler fit up between the front fender and the lower part of the front of the car where the fender bolts up?


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1. Can't help with wipers

2. You didn't say if you checked to see if you have 12 Volts at the lamp you can't get to work. Thats where I'd start.

3. Yes the fan is necessary if the driving speeds are below 35-40 mph. However, I once went over a year with out a fan at all. My 75 water pump went out and I could only get the other pump. No fan is needed at Highway speeds and my 75 Manta was my 500+mile per week commuter at the time. Therefore, I rarely had to sit still in traffic. I'f I did, I would have to run the heater or just turn the engine off until the traffic started to move.

You just need the right combination of parts. Either all 75 , pump, clutch and fan. Or 71-74 pump, fan and pulley. Don't forget the belt from the two styles is different too.

4. I perfer to wire the radio power wire directly to the battery with the wire for the light to the fuse panel. This will require that the radio be turned off manually. But you can turn it on without turning the key on and energizing the coil and possibly buring out the points, etc.

5. Some radio systems are okay with a one wire system to the speakers using the chassis as a ground. Others must have both wires, + and -, running between the stereo and speakers. Some time you can have a common ground between both speakers. I perfer a separate hot (+) and ground (-) for each speaker. Run new wires if yo have to. For proper base response, make sure to have the both Left and Right speaker in the same Phase. Meaning don't don't switch a + and a -.

6. There was not a stock spoiler on any US Mantas that I know of. Either you hve an after market spoiler or a European type model. Maybe someone else can help you with that.

Good Luck
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