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Help me! what front is this?

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:confused: Hey, can u guys help me?

I found this pic on the internet, and i was all like :eek: .
But i dont know what kind of front bumper it hes. I think it's a BMW-styling front of some kind. I asked about it at www.bmw-forums.com and they mentioned something about "french shark nose" for 6-series.

Can u guys help me out a little here? I cant get the question out of my head!! :confused:

Bigger picture: http://www.opel-rekord.com/e1 08.jpg


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The front air dams under the bumper are usually made of hand layed fibreglass so it is possible to make one.

Or ferret around in local car dismantling yards and find one that is similar and modify it to look as you want it to with fibreglass and body filler.
It does not even need to come off a car the same as yours as extensive modification is possible with these materials.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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