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Before you go thinking you've got a major repair, start with the most probabilistic, simplistic cause; bad connection(s). Most likely, the rubber connector is cracked due to age. Replace the rubber portions, and use some good new clamps. Check for leaks. If one connection is bad due to age, chances are all the others are nearing their age limit also. So spend the weekend and replace them all. And you might as well use new fuel & vent lines.

If you still suspect the tank is leaking, lift the vinyl cover to access the spare tire storage area. Sniff. Smell any fuel fumes? Try again near any openings that go down to where the tank is. If it's a weak smell, it might just be residual odor from the rubber connections and/or lines you just replaced, so wait a day or two and try again.

If the smell remains strong, better tackle it quick. The electricals back there are not explosion-proof by any stretch of the imagination.

FYI - An acquaintance just burned his Porsche at the track because he had a static spark while he fueled up after a practice run. Car's saved, but he got scorched, and he's got to re-paint his car.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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